"Because the equals key is for the weak."


04/11/14: Orpie v1.5.2 has been released. The primary focus of this release is a minor code change for compatibility with OCaml 3.11+. Some minor bugs were also fixed; see the ChangeLog for details.


Orpie is a fullscreen RPN calculator for the console.  Its operation is similar to that of modern HP calculators, but data entry has been optimized for efficiency on a PC keyboard.  Features include extensive scientific calculator functionality, command completion, and a visible interactive stack.  Here is a screenshot.


Some of Orpie's more interesting features are:


If you want to compile Orpie from source, you will need:
If these requirements look like too much work, you might wish to try the statically-compiled binary from the Downloads section.


Orpie 1.5.2 was released on 04/11/14.  (ChangeLog)
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The statically-compiled executable is for x86 Linux and Glibc 2.3 or greater.  It is designed to be extracted at the filesystem root, and will install into /usr/local.

Thanks for the efforts of numerous volunteers, Orpie has been packaged for many of the more popular Linux and BSD distributions. You may want to check for a package before trying to install from source.

Contact Info

Orpie is written by Paul Pelzl.
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