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"There's a tidy bit of money tucked away up there, I hear tell," said a stranger, a visitor on business from Michel Delving in the Westfarthing.  "All the top of your hill is full of tunnels packed with chests of gold and silver, and jools, by what I've heard."

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings      


2004-11-15: A Jools music pack is now available!


Jools is a graphical puzzle game in the tradition of Tetris.  It is a clone of Bejeweled (TM), an excellent game which is currently available only for Windows, Mac, and Palm/Pocket PC devices.  In a nutshell, the goal is to swap adjacent jools (jewels) within a grid, in order to create rows of three or more of a kind.  These jools will then disappear, and more will fall to fill their places.  Jools features nifty 3D rendered graphics.

Jools is Free Software, released under the GNU General Public License.

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Jools requires Python v2.1 or greater, as well as Pygame v1.4 or greater.  These packages are highly cross-platform; as a result, my hope is that Jools will run on GNU/Linux (my development platform), *BSD,  Mac OS X, and Windows.

While there are no specific CPU requirements, you may expect good performance when running Jools on a 500MHz x86 box.


Source tarball (platform independent):
jools-0.20.tar.gz (1.7MB) (1.7MB)

Unofficial Debian package (Woody):
jools_0.20-1_all.deb (1.7MB)
(dpkg sources)

Win32 all-in-one archives (Python/Pygame not required):
executable installer: jools-0.20-win32-Setup.exe (2.8MB)
zip archive: (3.0MB)
(Thanks to David Koppenhofer for providing these packages.)

Jools Music Pack 1.0 (New!):
jools-musicpack-1.0.tar.gz (4.3MB) (4.3MB)
This music pack was kindly donated by Jason Schindler (website). Just extract it in jools/music/ or ~/.jools/music/ and the tracks should queue up next time you play.

You might also be interested in checking out Skaven's site for some modfiles with an authentic Bejeweled flavor.

If you like Jools, don't forget to leave a good rating at the Linux Game Tome and Freshmeat!


I am neither a graphic artist nor a musician.  Are you?  Perhaps you are interested in contributing background artwork or additional music tracks to Jools.  If so, please contact me.

Do you want to keep up with the latest releases?  Sign up for a Freshmeat account, then subscribe to new releases on the Jools status page.

Contact Info

Jools is written by Paul Pelzl (email).

Bejeweled is most likely a trademark of Pop Cap Games/Astraware.